The Long Way

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As a freelance writer and editor, I have been widely published. My print and online publishing credits include:

  • The New York Times: An article I wrote about an awkward interaction with a pediatric surgeon was published in Motherlode.
  • San Francisco Chronicle: A humor piece about a lengthy interview with a potential boarding facility for my dog (while trying to keep my active twins under control) appeared in the Pet Tales department.
  • 805 Living: As contributing editor of this regional Southern California lifestyle magazine, I authored several features and a monthly column over a six-year period. Topics were wide and diverse—from moms’ clubs to sailing clubs, parenting experts to NASA scientists, baby clothing manufacturers to wine makers, and everything in between. My first article featured the owner of a youth-oriented gym and his widespread community influence.
  • Twins: During a three-year period, I had several articles published in this magazine. Topics included the dangers of labeling children, raising bilingual children, and whether parents should share infertility struggles with their offspring.
  • Preemie: A four-page article that I wrote about weight gain challenges for preemies was published in a dazzling four-color spread in this magazine.
  • Today in PT: For this trade print publication that targets professional physical therapists, I wrote articles regarding treatment protocols for a wide range of age groups and issues—from pediatric clubfoot to geriatric immobility.
  • Sherman Oaks Sun: A story of mine that spotlighted the tireless dedication of NICU nurses was published on the cover page of this newspaper. Another article was published about my own experience as a NICU parent, which appeared in recognition of National Prematurity Awareness Month.
  • You & Me—America’s Medical Magazine: My article about twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), the frightening condition I battled while pregnant, appeared here.
  • Good Beginnings: I wrote several articles for this newsletter, featuring expertise from neonatologists and profiles of former preemies. The publication is distributed to parents of preemies at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Los Angeles.
  • It Builds Character: This online magazine published a humor piece I wrote about my father selling me a car for more than it was worth.
  • Better After 50: A humorous story about my colonoscopy was featured in this online publication.
  • Nina’s Notes: A piece I wrote about taking three nine-year-old boys to their first musical was published on this theatre blog.